Looking At The Pros & Cons Of Timber Flooring

Timber flooring is an extremely popular choice when it comes to deciding what type of flooring is best for a new home or even a renovation. Hardwood floors have been a traditional favorite for over a century because they look great, are durable, and bring a lot to the table. On the other hand, there are some potential drawbacks when comparing them to some of the other options that are available.

Read on to learn both the potential pros and cons that come with timber flooring.

Pros Of Timber Flooring

Like Cork Flooring, one of the major benefits that cause wooden flooring to be so popular is the fact that it looks so good. Whether you prefer a lighter oak color, a deep walnut, or even a particularly dark cherry or mahogany look, there are many different options and inexpensive woods can be stained to take on a darker look if you like the deep wood look but don’t have the budget for the really high end choices.

The looks are also different based on the exact type of timber flooring or panels that are being used. There are different designs that can change the overall shape and appearance including strips, planks, and wood tile. This gives even more choice when it comes to overall aesthetic appearance.

Timber flooring tends to be very durable. It’s easy to clean and maintain, lasts a very long time, and needs only minimal upkeep to tolerate even heavy use and wear. Finally, it’s also worth knowing that for homes with people who suffer from allergies, hardwood flooring is often the best choice by far.

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Cons Of Timber Flooring

The first potential problem is with sitting water. While in carpeting it can dry out, be absorbed, or even be vacuumed up, when it is left on timber flooring for any amount of time that can cause warping, wear, or other type of damage.

In addition to this, it is important to know that depending on the finish that scratching can be an issue with high heels or certain types of footwear. Timber flooring comes in many different types and some are better than others for avoiding scratching.

Also, replacing wood flooring when it’s time for something knew does take more work and therefore cost more in comparison to new carpeting or other types of flooring will be higher when it comes time to deal with that replacement.

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